Brookline Equity Coalition

Who we are.

We, the Brookline Equity Coalition (BEC), are a grassroots group of community members. Our goal is to achieve progressive majorities in municipal government during the Tuesday, May 3rd Town election and beyond.

It is our belief that Brookline deserves a town government with strong progressive values. As progressives, we advocate for:

Improving the health & wellbeing of residents.
Funding food security, older adult services, the repair of public housing units, and public education.
Forward-looking, community-driven planning.
Prioritizing addressing the climate crisis, affordable housing, increasing civic participation, and meeting residents' needs.
Principled, open-minded leadership.
Always factoring in racial justice, representation for all genders, LGBTQIA+ liberation, the need for intersectionality, and reproductive justice.
Good governance.
Ensuring seats at the table for the typically under-represented, meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities or with limited English proficiency, and budgeting that reflects progressive priorities.

(For more detail, see our values.)

Making Brookline a progressive town.

We ask for your support of our endorsed candidates in Brookline's May 3rd Election. Help us create a town government that prioritizes progressive values and policies!

Learn about how to get involved.

All Brookline Equity Coalition campaign materials, including signs and literature, are paid for from the funding of Brookline Equity Coalition members themselves.