May 3rd election

During Brookline's Tuesday, May 3rd municipal election 245 Town Meeting Member seats will be on the ballot.

What is Town Meeting?
Town Meeting is the assembly of residents who decide the legislative policies of Brookline.
Why so many seats this year?
The results of the most recent U.S. Census prompted a redistricting process where every precinct (except precinct 16) changed by at least one Census block. If a precinct was altered by even one Census block, all 15 of its Town Meeting Member seats are to be voted on at the next Town election.
Wait, redistricting happened?
Indeed! Here is a map of Brookline's new precincts and polling locations (PDF). Brookline grew from 16 to 17 precincts, the new 17th precinct being centered around Coolidge Corner.
Where can I register to vote?
Register to vote on the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website.
Can I be endorsed by the Brookline Equity Coalition?

If you're interested in being endorsed by the Brookline Equity Coalition, and perhaps also joining our group, fill out this Google Form.

All Brookline Equity Coalition campaign materials, including signs and literature, are paid for from the funding of Brookline Equity Coalition members themselves.